Energy and utilities

The demand for energy is constantly growing and municipal services help people meet their basic needs – these sectors require reliable solutions. The infrastructure in this sector should be designed to maintain a strong and independent of network, to transmit key information on a vast area.

We have an experience in building wireless and mobile infrastructure, which significantly facilitate and support organizations that require extraordinary security. Having the knowledge about the specifics of these areas, we are able to provide the highest level of effectiveness of the infrastructure and information systems.

Access points and industrial switches

Enterprises need a homogenous wireless network which is able to handle further business development.

Products for industry sector are designed for reliable operation in environments exposed to electromagnetic and temperature conditions. They are perfectly suited for industry where there are a wide range of temperature and requirements for electromagnetic induction. It is important to maintain full compatibility, matching at the same time safety, reliability, performance and ease of management.

These products are recommended for companies: energy industry, manufacturing, control systems of transport and traffic or monitoring system. Access points and industrial switches can be installed outside of buildings and withstand harsh weather conditions.

In extremely difficult conditions, such as a risk of explosion (e.g. work environment, where there are chemicals), unfavourable temperatures, high possibility of fall and injury, then you can use EX TELEPHONY, where cameras have been designed for extreme conditions and they are resistant to most accidents.

Critical and technical alarms

Alarm systems ensure high speed communication between workers and help to avoid disaster in critical situations to protect the health and people lives, as well as eliminate losses in materials and machines. The solution involves sending alarms from all of the systems directly to the staff`s mobile phones. Alarms automatic escalation ensure that the alarm reaches to the right person in the shortest possible time, and the employee answers the call by taking the appropriate action.

An extensive use is possible due to interaction with production lines, industrial automation, SCADA, fire protection systems, BMS (heating, ventilation, air conditioning), databases, ERP, access systems, CCTV systems.

One of the key solutions of this system is to ensure employees’ protection and safety. Mobile phone, with built-in fall and immobility sensors, protects life and health of staff. It sends an alert and gives the location of the person in danger. Accident notification - a text message, includes identification of calling, type of an alarm and exact location. Each of rescuer has to confirm the call. If there is no accept or answer, the system will automatically notify another person. All the rescuers communicate on one channel. They can coordinate the rescue operation by listening to updates and informing each other about the progress of the action. The system records all operations, e.x. sending alarms, accepting calls, conversation recording during the rescue action.

Other features:

  • Processes monitoring - abnormal incidents are immediately sent as a text message to operators, regardless of where they are now.
  • Technical alarms - provide immediate notification about system crash, so it is possible to react appropriately to avoid potential security problems and potential machines damage.

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Data Center

Smart analysis of large amounts of data give access for information needed for effective and efficient management. Then business decisions are precise and make significant difference in savings and better resources management.

Based on an efficient infrastructure of a professional data center, IT solutions support the management and provide communication with customers on the highest level

Developing a good strategy in data processing and ensuring their safe storage, increase business value and sales potential. We offer solutions that provide secure data management and its protection. First of all, we focus on selection of services which increase efficiency of business processes.



Customer communication and agent management

Contact center systems provide great benefits to organizations that operate multiple users, staying in touch with them or initiating calls. The main advantage of using contact center solutions is multiple customers service, which is important for a large number of recipients of the energy sector. Integration with applications and databases allows high efficiency and increased quality of service. Contact center functions, such as history, registration, integration with CRM provide unlimited opportunities of analysis, as well as better management and customer service optimization.


Workforce Management

Workforce Management solutions support organizations in effective planning, forecasting and allocation of staff duties. WFM provides full insight into the work management, human resources management and processes management at all points of customer service. It's full control and awareness of situations specific to call center and the ability to make deliberated decisions based on data and reliable forecasts, not conjecture. It allows you to save payroll costs by optimizing work schedules, exchange, breaks and holidays.




Transformation of the way of cooperation, with solutions such as videoconferencing, creates enormous possibilities of its use in any industry, especially for the companies which have many branches across the country and all over the world. Meetings, training, conferences, e-learning systems do not lose their quality of communication, but bring additional savings of costs and time.

Our offer includes modern video solutions, such as desktop terminals, videophones and terminals for conference rooms. Modern technologies enable calls on any device – mobile phone or tablet.